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Portal hypertension caused by partial nodular transformation of the liver
  1. M. Classen,
  2. K. Elster,
  3. H. J. Pesch,
  4. L. Demling


    The course of the disease in, and the necropsy on, a 46-year-old woman with partial nodular transformation of the liver are described. This is, as far as is known, the fifth case to be reported. On the basis of results obtained from clinical tests partial nodular transformation of the liver was assumed. Seven months after the first episode of haematemesis and after numerous haemorrhages, the patient died. The morphological picture of the liver confirmed the tentative diagnosis. In spite of opinions to the contrary (Ingelfinger, 1967), the clinical picture of portal hypertension, can, by reason of the morphological findings, be clearly differentiated from hepatic cirrhosis and other nodular changes in the liver.

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