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Plasma insulin in pancreatic disease
  1. M. F. Anderson,
  2. S. H. H. Davison,
  3. A. P. Dick,
  4. C. N. Hales,
  5. J. Owens


    Pancreatic exocrine function tests and plasma insulin curves after a glucose load have been performed in 74 patients, 32 with no significant pancreatic disease, 31 with various disorders of the pancreas, and 11 with postmature diabetes mellitus.

    Exocrine function was impaired in all patients with chronic pancreatitis and chronic relapsing pancreatitis, whereas insulin production was defective in seven of 10 of those with chronic pancreatitis, and in one of seven with chronic relapsing pancreatitis. The findings in other examples of pancreatic disease are mentioned. Two out of four patients presenting with diabetes mellitus, who were found to have a flat plasma insulin curve, proved on investigation to have chronic pancreatitis.

    The results of plasma insulin response curves in this series are discussed in relation to pancreatic disease and their possible value in diagnosis.

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