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Personality pattern and emotional stress in the genesis of gastric ulcer
  1. M. H. Alp,
  2. J. H. Court,
  3. A. Kerr Grant


    In a group of 181 persons with a past history of chronic gastric ulcer, a greatly increased incidence of domestic and financial stress has been found, when compared with age-and sex-matched persons with no previous history of gastric ulcer. The consumption of aspirin, alcohol, and cigarettes was also significantly increased. Persons with chronic gastric ulcer were characterized by a personality pattern of independence and self sufficiency, and they are prone to anxiety and depression. This pattern was three times as common as in matched individuals without chronic gastric ulcer.

    It is possible that internal conflict between a genetic and an environmentally induced sex role, together with an inability to externalize aggression, may be significant factors in the causation of chronic gastric ulcer.

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