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Secretin and cholecystokin/pancreozymin in combination in the inhibition of gastric acid secretion
  1. B. S. Bedi,
  2. H. T. Debas,
  3. A. E. O. Wasunna,
  4. B. F. Buxton,
  5. I. E. Gillespie


    Both secretin, and the single substance which possesses both cholecystokinin and pancreozymin activity, have been shown to inhibit gastric acid secretory responses. Since potentiation may occur between pairs of stimulants of gastric secretion, the effects of combining secretin and cholecystokinin/pancreozymin have been studied in Heidenhain pouches stimulated by continuous intravenous pentagastrin. Evidence suggesting potentiation between these two inhibitor agents is presented.

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