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Further studies on streptozotocin therapy for a multiple-hormone-producing islet cell carcinoma
  1. Iain M. Murray-Lyon,
  2. J. Cassar,
  3. R. Coulson,
  4. Roger Williams,
  5. P. C. Ganguli,
  6. J. C. Edwards,
  7. Keith W. Taylor


    A patient with a multiple-hormone-producing islet cell carcinoma, who had previously been successfully treated with streptozotocin, was given three further infusions of this drug because of the redevelopment of gastric hypersecretion. Although some evidence of damage to the gastrinsecreting cells was obtained, the fasting plasma gastrin was not significantly altered and the patient died from a perforated duodenal ulcer. Serum insulin levels were considerably reduced and the patient became mildly diabetic but the main complication of treatment was a severe though reversible renal tubular defect. At necropsy considerable quantities of gastrin, but low levels of insulin and glucagon were extracted from a tumour metastasis.

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