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The relationship between the ingestion of hot coffee and intraoesophageal temperature
  1. U. W. De Jong,
  2. N. E. Day,
  3. P. L. Mounier-Kuhn,
  4. J. P. Haguenauer


    Temperatures at the lower end of the oesophagus were taken during the ingestion of hot coffee at varying temperatures and varying volume, by using a modified duodenal tube.

    Temperatures higher than expected were found: of 209 measurements on 17 patients and one volunteer, standardized for size of sip and temperature of coffee, 43% were 44°C or higher (up to 53°C).

    Statistical analysis showed a linear relationship between the intraoesophageal and the initial coffee temperatures.

    Volume has a larger effect than the temperature at which the coffee is taken.

    The average increase in intraoesophageal temperatures at the point of measurement was 0·381°C per ml coffee ingested.

    Some implications of the findings are discussed from the epidemiological point of view.

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