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An interim report on the production of colonic diverticula in the rabbit
  1. W. J. B. Hodgson


    Six New Zealand white rabbits were given gas induction anaesthetics and maintained on glucochloralose (Merck) 60 mg/kg given intravenously. Intracolonic pressures were measured after a standard dose of prostigmine, 0·05 mg/kg, using fluid-filled, open-tipped, narrow-bore polythene tubes. Then the rabbits were put on a diet of white bread, butter, milk, and sugar supplemented by vitamins for four months. All six rabbits had put on weight but their general condition deteriorated; they had become constipated and the colon contracted. After stimulation with prostigmine 0·05 mg/kg scattered intertaenial wide-necked diverticula appeared which were thinner than the normal haustra and looked like a blackcurrant in colour, size, and shape. Repeat pressure measurements showed that the colonic motility index was increased up to 10 times from predietary levels with a highly significant mean increase from 5299 to 33151 (p < 0·0005).

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