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Plasma gastrin and acid secretion in man following stimulation by food, meat extract, and insulin
  1. J. H. Wyllie,
  2. P. B. Boulos,
  3. M. R. Lewin,
  4. B. H. Stagg,
  5. C. G. Clark


    A radioimmunoassay for gastrin was set up and its sensitivity and specificity were studied. The assay was then used to investigate the plasma gastrin responses in man to a normal meal and to stimulation by insulin hypoglycaemia or by instilling meat extract into the stomach. The results showed that insulin and meat extract produced very similar plasma gastrin responses which were certainly not less than those produced by feeding. However, the acid secretory response to insulin was greater than that to meat extract. This indicated that the tests acted in different ways and both may be useful in the assessment of gastric secretion.

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