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Serum gastrin in duodenal ulcer
  1. M. G. Korman,
  2. J. Hansky,
  3. G. A. E. Coupland,
  4. V. H. Cumberland

    Part IV Effect of selective gastric vagotomy


    Serum gastrin has been measured in 30 patients following selective gastric vagotomy. Basal serum gastrin was 52±5·7 pg/ml which was significantly lower than the corresponding level in 50 patients following truncal vagotomy (84±7·9 pg/ml). After a standard protein meal serum gastrin rose to 136±8·3 pg/ml at 60 minutes after the meal. The peak rise above basal levels was significantly lower than that achieved in patients who had undergone truncal vagotomy.

    These results complement our previous hypothesis that section of extragastric vagal fibres permits the release of additional gastrin above that expected with the diminution of acid secretion, and hence the decrease in inhibition of gastrin release from the antrum.

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    Part IV Effect of selective gastric vagotomy