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Gastrin in portal and peripheral venous blood after feeding in man
  1. H. Dencker,
  2. R. Håkanson,
  3. G. Liedberg,
  4. C. Norryd,
  5. J. Oscarson,
  6. J. F. Rehfeld,
  7. F. Stadil


    The concentrations of immunoreactive gastrin in serum from portal and peripheral venous blood were determined in 10 patients with indwelling portal catheters before and after feeding. No significant differences were found between the gastrin concentrations in portal and peripheral serum. Gel filtration studies of serum did not reveal any differences between the gastrin components of portal and peripheral venous serum. Since neither the concentrations of immunoreactive gastrin nor the four gastrin components differed between portal and peripheral serum it is suggested that the liver is without effect on gastrin metabolism.

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