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Electrical potential difference and absorption of water, sodium, and potassium by the terminal ileum of ileostomy patients
  1. J. Prado P. De Moraes-Filho,
  2. C. Salas-Coll,
  3. Laurie Blendis,
  4. C. J. Edmonds


    Measurements of electrical potential difference (pd) and of absorption by a dialysis method were carried out in the terminal ileum of patients with an ileostomy. The pd measured with saline in the lumen and at a few centimetres within the stoma averaged 9.2 mV, lumen negatively charged. The pd values were similar whether the ileostomy had been recently or long established. The pd rose considerably when glucose was added to the luminal solution, the maximum effect being attained with a concentration of 40 mmol/1. With a saline bicarbonate solution (Na 145 or 140 m-equiv/1, K 5, or 10 m-equiv/1) in the dialysis tube, considerable absorption of fluid and sodium was demonstrable with little change in sodium concentration. Potassium secretion occurred with the lower, and absorption with the higher, concentration. The final luminal potassium concentration reached was consistent with a passive distribution between blood and lumen.

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