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Inhibitory effect of bromazepam on basal and betazole-stimulated gastric acid secretion in man
  1. G. Stacher,
  2. Doris Stärker


    Basal, as well as betazole-stimulated gastric acid secretion in man is reduced after the intravenous administration of bromazepam. In subjects staying awake, this reduction is limited to the first two 15-minute periods. The reduction is highly significant in subjects who fall asleep after receiving the drug. Natural sleep causes the same depression. The low level of acid secretion is maintained until the subjects are awakened when there is a sharp and highly significant rise. Acid secretion in subjects who fall asleep after the simultaneous administration of betazole and bromazepam is significantly higher than after the administration of bromazepam alone. Sleep causes a much greater depression of basal and betazole-stimulated acid secretion than does the benzodiazepine itself.

    Acid secretion was measured by continuous intragastric titration and a pH-sensitive endoradiosonde.

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