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Simplified cholangiography using ioglycamide
  1. G. J. S. Parkin,
  2. H. Herlinger


    Intravenous cholangiograms were performed on 100 unselected nonicteric patients using methylglucamine ioglycamide (Biligram). Fifty patients received 10.5 g of contrast medium and 50 received 5.25 g of medium. The contrast medium was injected evenly over five minutes. Side effects were recorded in only 13% of patients and all were mild. Radiographs were taken 10, 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes after injection and were assessed without the authors being aware of the dose of contrast medium injected.

    Better statistically significant results were obtained using the higher dose.

    In patients in whom the gallbladder is present, films taken at 60 minutes and 90 minutes after injection give the maximum available information in 97% of cases. If the gallbladder has not become opacified by 60 minutes, cystic duct obstruction is indicated. In postcholecystectomy patients, films at 30 minutes and 60 minutes after injection give the maximum available information in 95% of cases.

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