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Subepithelial collagen in intestinal malabsorption.
  1. R Bossart,
  2. K Henry,
  3. C C Booth,
  4. W F Doe


    Intestinal biopsies from 146 patients with adult coeliac disease and 13 patients with intestinal villous atrophy of different aetiology were assessed for the presence of subepithelial collagen and compared with a group of 20 control subjects. Subepithelial collagen was a common and non-specific finding observed in intestinal biopsies from patients suffering from adult coeliac disease (36%) and tropical sprue. In adult coeliac disease the described subepithelial changes usually regress following treatment, though marked subepithelial collagen deposition may indicate a poor prognosis. The study showed that the presence of marked subepithelial collagen in a flat jejunal biopsy does not define a separate clinical entity.

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