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Effect of vagotomy on secretin release in man.
  1. A S Ward,
  2. S R Bloom


    The release of secretin by intraduodenal acid has been measured by means of a highly sensitive radioimmunoassay in 12 normal subjects, 23 duodenal ulcer patients, and 14 vagotomized patients (6 TV + P; 4 SV + P;4 HSV). A highly significant response occurred in all three groups. There was no significant difference between the groups either in the magnitude or timing of this response, though the absolute values for pre-stimulation and peak secretin were significantly smaller in preoperative duodenal ulcer patients than in either the normal subjects or the vagotomized patients. The secretin response was similar after truncal, selective, and highly selective vagotomy. These results suggest that secretin release is not dependent on intact vagal innervation of the small intestine in man.

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