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Function and structure of the mucosa of continent ileostomy reservoirs in dogs.
  1. Philipson,
  2. N G Kock,
  3. J W Robinson,
  4. H Menge,
  5. V Mirkovitch


    Continent ileostomy reservoirs were constructed in dogs. Nine to 29 days after formation of the pouches, they were excised together with a loop of adjacent ileum for biochemical and morphological assessment. The villous and epithelial cell heights were reduced, whereas villous width and mitotic index were increased. The mucosa of the pouch was able to absorb phenylalanine and Beta-methyl-glucoside against a concentration gradient, although this absorptive capaciti was lower than that of normal ileum. Similar considerations applied to oxygen consumption. The results indicate that the mucosa of the pouch undergoes transformation, but the intergrity of the epithelial layer is maintained.

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