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Effect of gastric secretory inhibitors on the gastric mucosal barrier.
  1. P E O'Brien,
  2. D C Carter


    The effects of the synthetic prostaglandin 16, 16 dimethyl-E2 methyl ester (16-diMe-PGE2) and the histamine H2-receptor antagonist metiamide on the gastric mucosal barrier have been studied using the Heidenhain pouch dog model. The 16-diMe-PGE2 caused significant change in the ionic permeability of the mucosa when instilled into the pouch in a concentration of 300 mug/20 ml. Intravenous administration of 16-diMe-PGE2 did not alter the barrier nor did it alter the response of the mucosa to sodium taurocholate. Metiamide given into the pouch did not affect the mucosa barrier and the response to taurocholate was not affected when metiamide was given locally or intravenously.

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