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The influence of food intake on the development of structural and functional adaptation following ileal resection in the rat.
  1. H Menge,
  2. M Gräfe,
  3. H Lorenz-Meyer,
  4. E O Riecken


    The present study was undertaken to determine the influence of hyperphagia on the adaptive changes occurring in the rat jejunal mucosa as a result of intestinal resection. One group of resected rats was subjected to pair feeding with a sham-operated population, whilst another group was nourished ad libitum. The animals which ate ad libitum developed hypertrophy of the mucosa which was accompanied by increased glucose absorption in vivo without changes in enzyme levels. These alterations were much less pronounced in the pair-fed group of resected animals, a finding that indicates that the adaptive changes are at least partially influenced by increased luminal nutrition.

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