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Aspects of the effect of metiamide on pentagastrin-stimulated and basal gastric secretion of acid and pepsin in man.
  1. B Thjodleifsson,
  2. K G Wormsley


    This study has examined the inhibition produced by metiamide on the gastric secretion of acid and pepsin in 13 patients with duodenal and three with gastric ulcer. The effect of metiamide on the response to a range of doses of pentagastrin in three normal individuals was determined, as was the interaction of metiamide and atropine on prolonged basal secretion. Metiamide inhibited the secretion of acid more than pepsin and the gastric secretion of patients with gastric ulcer more than duodenal ulcer. Metiamide inhibited both the maximal secretory response attainable with pentagastrin and decreased the sensitivity to pentagastrin. Atropine augmented and prolonged the action of metiamide.

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