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Serum cobalt-activated acylase and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase activities in toxic hepatitis.
  1. A Szczeklik,
  2. A Wiernikowski,
  3. J Musial,
  4. E Woźny


    Marked activity of cobalt-activated acylase was found in the sera of 33 of 37 patients with acute toxic hepatitis due to poisoning with either amanita mushrooms or chemicals. The activity of the enzyme showed a positive correlation with that of serum transaminases, reached the highest levels on the patient's admission to hospital and within a few days fell rapidly to undetectable levels. Slight acylase activity was observed in the majority of patients intoxicated with drugs or carbon monoxide but was not seen in sera of those poisoned with non-amanita mushrooms who showed no signs of liver injury. Unlike acylase, the serum activity of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase remained unchanged over the first days of acute toxic hepatitis. The determination of serum cobalt-activated acylase might be of value in the diagnosis of acute liver injury.

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