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Modification of the cerebrovascular response to noradrenaline by bile duct ligation.
  1. D S Bloom,
  2. B H Eidelman,
  3. T A McCalden


    The effects of intracarotid infusions of noradrenaline on the cerebral vasculature were studied in seven baboons with bile duct ligation. Infusion of 8 mug and 16 mug/min of noradrenaline resulted in a significant decrease in cerebral blood flow in the jaundiced animals. In normal baboons, these doses produced cerebrovascular dilatation. These results indicate that there is an increased cerebrovascular sensitivity to noradrenaline in the obstructive jaundice which follows bile duct ligation. It is postulated that noradrenaline smooth muscle uptake mechanisms are disturbed allowing a greater concentration of the amine at the receptor sites.

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