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Review of five cases of early gastric carcinoma.
  1. D I Fevre,
  2. P H Green,
  3. P J Barratt,
  4. G S Nagy


    Five cases of early gastric carcinoma (EGC) were seen in 12 months. The clinical features did not provide guide-lines to diagnosis, which depends on air contrast barium studies, endoscopic recognition of early malignancy, adequate biopsies, and their interpretation. Malignancy was present in an average of 60% of the biopsies taken. The most common type of lesion was IIc. The superficial nature of the malignancy was predicted at endoscopy in four cases but was unsuspected in one case which was considered to be advanced carcinoma until the resected specimen was throughly examined microscopically. The excellent prognosis of EGC was discussed. Only conservative surgery need be performed if the superficial nature of the lesion is recognized before operation.

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