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Nutrition in cryptogenic cirrhosis and chronic aggressive hepatitis.
  1. A G Morgan,
  2. J Kelleher,
  3. B E Walker,
  4. M S Losowsky


    The nutritional status of 80 patients with non-alcoholic chronic liver disease was assessed by determination of various nutritional parameters in body fluids. With the exception of vitamin C there was a higher incidence (40%) of fat soluble vitamin deficiency (vitamins A, E, and carotene) than of the water soluble vitamins. Less than 10% of patients showed evidence of vitamin B12, nicotinic acid, thiamin, or riboflavin deficiency, and 17% had evidence of folic acid deficiency. The presence of deficiency was not related to age of the patient or fat absorption, and an inadequate dietary intake was not a major cause of deficiency. The incidence of nutritional deficiency is less frequent in non-alcoholic as compared with alcoholic liver disease.

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