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Alcohol and absorption from the small intestine. 2. Effect of ethanol on ATP and ATPase activities in guinea-pig jejunum.
  1. N Krasner,
  2. H A Carmichael,
  3. R I Russell,
  4. G G Thompson,
  5. K M Cochran


    After the exposure of isolated segments of guinea-pig jejunum to 2% ethanol for one hour, a significant reduction (P less than 0-001) in the adenosine triphosphate content (ATP) was observed when compared with levels found in segments perfused with Krebs' solution. However, no alteration was noted in the activity of adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase). The chronic administration of 50% ethanol in a dose of 2-5 g/kg for two weeks did not affect either the ATP content or ATPase activity in jejunal mucosa.

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