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Effect of diazepam and hyoscine butylbromide on response to secretin and cholecystokinin-pancreozymin in man.
  1. J H Saunders,
  2. G Masoero,
  3. K G Wormsley


    Ten subjects received secretin and cholecystokinin or, in duplicate tests, the two hormones together with either diazepam or diazepam plus hyoscine butylbromide in order to determine whether these drugs, which are often used during retrograde endoscopic cannulation of the pancreatic duct, affect pancreatic and biliary secretion in response to the hormones. Diazepam with hyoscine butylbromide reduced the secretion of trypsin into the duodenum and delayed the appearance of both trypsin and bilirubin in duodenal aspirate. These effects must be taken into account when interpreting pancreatic and biliary responses measured during direct cannulation of the pancreatic duct.

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