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Gastric mucosa after partial gastrectomy.
  1. B M Pulimood,
  2. A Knudsen,
  3. N F Coghill


    A partial gastrectomy of Billroth I or II type was performed in a series of 146 patients with peptic ulcer. Gastric biopsy was carried out two years later and the histology of the specimens compared with that of the body mucosa at the time of operation. In 138 patients without body atrophic gastritis (AG) before operation this condition was found in 74 (54%) two years after (46% of DU patients and 73% of GU patients). Those with antral or pyloric canal ulcers were particularly liable to develop AG (81%). Apart from site of ulcer various other factors possibly associated with the development of AG were examined: no positive correlations were found with the possible exception of anaemia. Gastric parietal cell antibodies were not found in any patient with AG tested. The cause of gastritis after partial gastrectomy and its possible relationship with gastric carcinoma are discussed.

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