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Adenocarcinoma of the stomach: radiological and pathological correlation of effects of treatment with fast neutrons.
  1. D Kingsley,
  2. A Gad,
  3. M Catterall


    During the past six years 40 patients have been treated with fast neutrons for inoperable adenocarcinoma of the stomach. A number of these patients have been studied in detail both radiologically and pathologically with regard to the effects of fast neutrons on both the tumour and normal stomach. After treatment there was a constant reduction in size of the stomach capacity when compared with a control group and the motility of the stomach was lost. Mucosal changes, which were noted radiologically, appeared to be dose related. Histologically most of the tumour was destroyed. Small clumps of cells were, however, found in all except one of the patients but only in areas of the stomach which had not received the standard dose. Marked fibrosis occurred and it is our impression that the amount of fibrosis is in excess of that seen with other forms of radiotherapy.

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