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Inhibitory effect of various cytostatics and cycloheximide on acute experimental pancreatitis in rats.
  1. L Korbová,
  2. J Kohout,
  3. F Malis,
  4. V Balas,
  5. J Cízková,
  6. J Marek,
  7. A Cihák


    Cycloheximide, 5-azacytidine, and 4-methoxybenzoyl-beta-bromoarylate (Cytembena) block the development of experimental acute pancreatitis in rats when mediated by the administration of 5% bile solution into the pancreas in vivo. Six hours after drug treatment the pathological changes, evaluated macroscopically or using histological sections of the pancreas, were significantly decreased. The drugs affected the amount of abdominal fluid and lowered its lipase and amylase activity. The known inhibitory mechanism of the active drugs and the possible advantage of cycloheximide for clinical use are briefly mentioned.

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