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IgA and IgG reticulin antibodies in coeliac and non-coeliac patients.
  1. O E Eade,
  2. R S Lloyd,
  3. C Lang,
  4. R Wright


    Using indirect immunofluorescence, comparisons were made of patterns of staining of five tissue substrates with 28 RI reticulin antibody-positive coeliac sera, and 23 RI reticulin antibody-positive non-coeliac sera. IgA and IgG fluorescein conjugates were used separately. IgA antibodies were seen in 22 coeliac patients (78%) compared with three non-coeliacs (13%). Concomitant sinusoidal fluorescence (RS pattern) was seen more frequently with the non-coeliac (60.9%) than with the coeliac sera (10.7%). Such differences may help to distinguish those patients who should have a jejunal biopsy when using the reticulin antibody as a screening test for coeliac disease.

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