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Postprandial serum bile acids in healthy man. Evidence for differences in absorptive pattern between individual bile acids.
  1. B Angelin,
  2. I Björkhem


    The serum concentrations of cholic acid (C), chenodeoxycholic acid (CD), and deoxycholic acid (D) before and after a standardised meal were determined in five healthy female subjects using a highly specific and accurate gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric technique. The C level rose significantly 60 minutes after the meal, reached a peak after 90 minutes, and had returned to the original level after 150 minutes. In contrast, the serum concentrations of CD and D displayed a significant rise by 30 minutes, reached a peak after 90 minutes, but had not returned to fasting levels after 150 minutes. The serum bile acid responses after a meal suggest that there is considerable absorption of dihydroxy bile acids in the proximal small intestine in man.

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