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IgA class reticulin antibodies in relatives of patients with coeliac disease.
  1. E G Mallas,
  2. N Williamson,
  3. B T Cooper,
  4. W T Cooke


    IgA class reticulin antibodies were not found in patients with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and hiatus hernia despite a significant incidence of IgG class reticulin antibodies. None of 56 normal healthy subjects was positive. In contrast, 13 (76%) of the sera from 17 patients with coeliac disease on normal diet were positive for IgA class antibodies as were 19 (20%) of 93 first degree relatives. Seventy-three relatives underwent jejunal biopsy. Grade III (flat) histology was found in 13 and, of these patients, 10 (77%) showed IgA class reticulin antibody in their serum. It is suggested that determination of IgA class reticulin antibodies was a useful test to determine which relative must be biopsied.

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