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Effect of glucagon and pentagastrin on gastric mucosal potential difference in man.
  1. A Tarnawski,
  2. K J Ivey,
  3. J E McGuigan,
  4. J England


    Glucagon given as an intravenous injection of 2 mg (0.57 mmol) or as constant intravenous infusion of 1.64 microgram/kg/h (0.47 nmol/kg/h) significantly increased gastric mucosal potential difference (PD) in man. Pentagastrin infusion of 2 microgram/kg/h (2.8 nmol/kg/h) dramatically reduced gastric PD in man. The effect of each of these hormones on PD was reversed by the administration of the other. Changes in PD induced by one hormone were not associated with reductions in blood levels of the other. There was an approximate correlation between changes in PD and pH of gastric aspirates, however, the patterns of PD and pH changes were at times dissimilar. This study indicates that administration of gastrointestinal hormones significantly alters gastric mucosal PD in man.

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