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Secretion pattern of secretin in man: regulation by gastric acid.
  1. O B Schaffalitzky de Muckadell,
  2. J Fahrenkrug


    Median concentration of plasma secretin in the fasting state in 11 achlorhydria patients, 17 normal subjects, eight duodenal ulcer patients, and 11 Zollinger-Ellison patients was 0.3, 1.2, 2.5, and 5.9 pmol x 1(-1), respectively. Aspiration of gastric acid normal subjects and duodenal ulcer patients was followed by a significant lowering of the plasma secretin concentration. In normal subjects insulin-induced hypoglycaemia resulted in increased secretin levels when gastric acid was allowed to enter the duodenum, whereas no changes were observed when gastric acid was aspirated. Simultaneous measurements of intraduodenal pH and plasma secretin concentration in the fasting state and in response to a meal showed that rapid falls in intraduodenal pH were followed by short-lived increments in plasma secretin concentration. These changes in pH and in secretin levels were diminished after cimetidine. It is concluded that gastric acid in man does trigger release of secretin and that secretin is secreted intermittently both in the fasting state and in response to a meal when boluses of acid enter the duodenum.

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