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Inhibition of secretin stimulated pancreatic secretion by pancreatic polypeptide.
  1. T E Adrian,
  2. H S Besterman,
  3. C N Mallinson,
  4. G R Greenberg,
  5. S R Bloom


    The effect of PP on secretin-stimulated pancreatic secretion was assessed in five healthy subjects. During an intravenous infusion of BPP at a dose which produced plasma levels similar to those seen after meals in healthy young adults the volume and bicarbonate content of duodenal juice was reduced by 25% (p less than 0.05) and 24% (p less than 0.05) respectively, while protein and bilirubin concentrations were more markedly reduced by 68% (p less than 0.0005) and 67% (p less than 0.0005) respectively. PP, thus, may be an important inhibitory factor in the control of bilirubin and pancreatic enzyme secretion in man.

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