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Trypsin and lactoferrin levels in pure pancreatic juice in patients with pancreatic disease.
  1. S S Fedail,
  2. R F Harvey,
  3. P R Salmon,
  4. P Brown,
  5. A E Read


    Levels of immunoreactive trypsin were measured in pure pancreatic juice obtained endoscopically from 44 patients with suspected pancreatic disease. Patients with pancreatic cancer all had low trypsin concentrations (median 3.6 micrograms/ml, range 0.6--12.0), but those with chronic pancreatitis had very variable levels (median 14.2 micrograms/ml, range 3.2--76.8), showing a considerable overlap with patients without pancreatic disease (median 37.1 micrograms/ml, range 10.4--66.0). When levels of lactoferrin in pancreatic juice were measured, all patients with chronic pancreatitis were found to have much higher levels (all greater than 900 ng/ml) than control subjects or patients with pancreatic cancer (all less than 400 ng/ml). The combined measurement of trypsin and lactoferrin in pure pancreatic juice appeared to be more promising than any other currently available test for the separation of patients with pancreatic cancer from those with chronic pancreatitis.

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