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High flow oxygen therapy for pneumatosis coli.
  1. S Holt,
  2. H M Gilmour,
  3. T A Buist,
  4. K Marwick,
  5. R C Heading


    Symptomatic and radiological resolution of pneumatosis coli was achieved by intermittent high flow oxygen therapy in five patients. In each case the extent of the disease was defined by colonoscopy and contrast radiography before treatment. Despite the confirmation of pneumocyst resolution, recurrence of colonic gas cysts was noted in two patients at six months and one year after treatment. Bacteriological studies indicated that resolution of the disease, induced by oxygen therapy, was not associated with eradication of anerobic bacteria from stool and colonic mucosa. The clinical features and response to treatment of this group of patients are discussed, with particular reference to previously reported methods of oxygen administration.

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