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Outlook with conservative treatment of peptic oesophageal stricture.
  1. A L Ogilvie,
  2. R Ferguson,
  3. M Atkinson


    In order to assess the outlook for patients with peptic oesophageal strictures treated by Eder Puestow dilatation at fibreoptic endoscopy, 50 patients were followed up for periods ranging from nine months to four years. Twenty patients (40%) required only a single dilatation, and the remaining 30 (60%) required multiple dilatations. The frequency of dilatation tended to decrease with time. There was one death attributable to the procedure. Two patients developed an adenocarcinoma at the site of the stricture. We conclude that conservative management of peptic oesophageal stricture combining the use of dilatation at fibreoptic endoscopy with medical measures to control gastro-oesophageal reflux offers a relatively safe means of providing symptomatic relief, maintaining nutrition, and allowing the patient an acceptable quality of life.

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