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Assessment of ileal function by abdominal counting of the retention of a gamma emitting bile acid analogue.
  1. E H Thaysen,
  2. M Orholm,
  3. T Arnfred,
  4. J Carl,
  5. P Rødbro


    In eight patients without gastrointestinal complaints and 30 patients with various gastrointestinal disorders ileal bile acid conservation was assessed by oral administration of 75Se 23-selena-25-homocholic acid (SeHCAT) followed by abdominal gamma counting (SeHCAT-test). The results of the test correlated fairly well with the clinical features and with the [1-14C]-cholylglycine breath test including faecal 14C measurements (breath test). Of the two bile acid absorption tests the new is perhaps the more sensitive and is the one most easily performed.

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