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Antiproteinase chemotherapy of acute experimental pancreatitis using the low molecular weight oligopeptide aldehyde leupeptin.
  1. P A Jones,
  2. J Hermon-Taylor,
  3. D A Grant


    Continuous intravenous infusion of the low molecular weight trypsin inhibitor leupeptin prolonged the survival of rats with acute haemorrhagic pancreatitis (p less than 0.001) compared with controls receiving saline alone. Rats receiving high dose intravenous Trasylol (aprotinin) survived no longer than saline-only controls. Combination therapy of leupeptin with Trasylol conferred no additional benefit over animals treated with leupeptin alone. The nature of the infusion was selected blind after the induction of pancreatitis and survival was quantified by recording of body temperature. These preliminary results suggest that sterically favourable molecules which can complete the inhibiton of alpha 2-macroglobulin bound proteinases should contribute to the effective specific chemotherapy of the disease.

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