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Liver membrane antibodies in alcoholic liver disease: 1. prevalence and immunoglobulin class.
  1. A D Burt,
  2. R S Anthony,
  3. W S Hislop,
  4. I A Bouchier,
  5. R N MacSween


    Using an indirect immunofluorescence technique liver membrane antibodies of IgG and IgA class have been demonstrated in a statistically significant proportion of sera from patients with alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis. IgG and IgA class antibodies were found respectively in 23 and 25% of 48 patients with alcoholic hepatitis, in 27 and 33% of 84 with active cirrhosis, and 67 and 58% of 12 with inactive cirrhosis. These results provide evidence of a humoral immune response in alcoholic liver disease which is directed against, as yet undefined, liver-cell membrane antigens.

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