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Immunity to cytopathic agents associated with Crohn's disease: a negative study.
  1. M Chiba,
  2. L C McLaren,
  3. R G Strickland


    Serum and peripheral blood lymphocytes from 10 patients with Crohn's disease and 10 healthy subjects were examined for immunological reactivity against chick embryo cell cultures displaying cytopathic effects after inoculation with 0.2 micro filtrates prepared from Crohn's disease intestinal tissues. Although the assay systems (indirect immunofluorescence, lymphocyte transformation, and cytotoxicity) yielded positive results using well-characterized cytopathic viruses (mumps, measles), neither Crohn's disease nor healthy subjects showed immune reactivity to the chick embryo cell cultures inoculated with Crohn's disease intestinal tissues in any of the assay systems. These experiments provide evidence against the hypothesis that the in vitro cytopathic effect on chick embryo cell cultures produced by Crohn's disease intestinal filtrates are caused by a replicating virus or viruses.

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