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Chronic intrahepatic cholestasis due to sarcoidosis.
  1. N M Bass,
  2. A K Burroughs,
  3. P J Scheuer,
  4. D G James,
  5. S Sherlock


    Two West Indian patients with Kveim-biopsy proven sarcoidosis developed chronic cholestatic liver disease, clinically and biochemically similar to primary biliary cirrhosis. Liver histology revealed multiple granulomas with reduction in bile ducts and, in one patient, progression to biliary cirrhosis. Portal hypertension was present in both patients leading to severe variceal haemorrhage in one. Mitochondrial antibody was negative in both patients and when used in conjunction with the Kveim-Siltzbach skin test serves to differentiate chronic intrahepatic cholestasis secondary to sarcoidosis from primary biliary cirrhosis.

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