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Successful treatment of HBs and HBeAg positive chronic liver disease: prolonged inhibition of viral replication by highly soluble adenine arabinoside 5'-monophosphate (ARA-AMP).
  1. I V Weller,
  2. M F Bassendine,
  3. A Craxi,
  4. M J Fowler,
  5. J Monjardino,
  6. H C Thomas,
  7. S Sherlock


    In eight HBs and HBe antigen positive patients with chronic active liver disease, adenine arabinoside 5'-monophosphate (ARA-AMP) given, intravenously or intramuscularly, six or 12 hours, produced inhibition of viral replication. In five patients given a short course of therapy with 10 or 15 mg/kg/day this effect was transient and in two thrombocytopenia occurred. In three further consecutive cases given a longer course with 5 mg/kg/day after five days of the high dose, thrombocytopenia was not seen and inhibition of viral replication for up to 13 months occurred. These patients lost HBV-DNA polymerase activity, serum viral DNA and HBeAg, developed anti-HBe, and HBsAg concentrations decreased. A course of twice daily intramuscular ARA-AMP given for three to five weeks as an outpatient may be expected to produce a long-term reduction in infectivity.

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