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Bile salt-induced gastric mucosal damage and histamine receptor antagonists.
  1. H J Lewi,
  2. D C Carter


    The effects of both an H1 receptor antagonist and an H2 receptor antagonist on changes in monovalent ion flux induced by topical sodium taurocholate were studied in antrectomised dogs fashioned with a denervated fundic pouch. The magnitude of taurocholate-induced ion flux was unaffected by topical administration of H1 or H2 receptor antagonists Parenteral administration of H1 or H2 receptor antagonist given singly or in combination produced an increase in net luminal Na+ gain before taurocholate administration but failed to reduce the magnitude of taurocholate-induced ion flux. It is concluded that histamine receptors are unlikely to have a role in the induction of mucosal injury by bile salts.

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