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Significance of delta agent infection in chronic hepatitis B virus infection: a study in British carriers.
  1. I V Weller,
  2. P Karayiannis,
  3. A S Lok,
  4. L Montano,
  5. M Bamber,
  6. H C Thomas,
  7. S Sherlock


    Delta antigen (delta) is a transmissible agent requiring hepatitis B virus (HBV) for its replication. Antibody to delta (anti-delta) was present in nine of 71 (13%) British HBV carriers: six were intravenous drug abusers and two were haemophiliacs. Anti-delta was negative in 30 HBsAg positive homosexuals. Cirrhosis was common in patients with anti-delta and those with anti-delta positive cirrhosis were significantly younger than those with anti-delta negative cirrhosis. In British HBV carriers delta infection is associated with intravenous drug abuse and haemophilia and perhaps a more rapid progression of chronic liver disease.

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