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Psychological stress and the passage of a standard meal through the stomach and small intestine in man
  1. P A Cann,
  2. N W Read,
  3. J Cammack,
  4. H Childs,
  5. S Holden,
  6. R Kashman,
  7. J Longmore,
  8. S Nix,
  9. N Simms,
  10. K Swallow,
  11. J Weller


    Gastric emptying half-time and mouth to caecum transit time of a solid meal were measured in eight normal volunteers, once during a period of psychological stress and again during a period of relative calm. No consistent or significant effect on gastric emptying was observed, but mouth to caecum transit times were faster in all subjects and this difference was highly significant (p<0·01).

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