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Lactase activity is under hormonal control in the intestine of adult rat.
  1. F Raul,
  2. R Noriega,
  3. E Nsi-Emvo,
  4. M Doffoel,
  5. J F Grenier


    In the adult rat, starvation during 48 hours led to a three fold increase of lactase specific activity in the intestinal brush border membranes. Thyroxine injection during the three days before death (0.5 micrograms/g daily) inhibited the stimulation of lactase activity induced by starvation without modifying sucrase activity whereas hydrocortisone injections (25 micrograms/g daily) or thyroidectomy did not modify the stimulatory effect of starvation on lactase activity. These results suggests a specific hormonal control of intestinal lactase activity in the rat.

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