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Acute clostridial enteritis--or pig-bel?
  1. P G Devitt,
  2. G W Stamp


    Acute postprandial gastric dilatation and associated clostridial enteritis necroticans is a well recognised but unusual clinical condition. Non-pathological overeating, gastric distension, and clostridial enteritis, termed pig-bel, has been reported in Papua, New Guinea. A similar condition (Darmbrand) was reported from Germany after the second world war, but it is not a condition seen in our society today. Gastric dilatation alone may be seen in individuals with anorexia nervosa, who may occasionally indulge in episodes of overeating (bulimia). We wish to report a case of gastric dilatation associated with a fulminating enteritis, and discuss the similarities with enteritis necroticans (pig-bel).

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