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Effect of secretin, pancreozymin OP-CCK, and glucagon on bile flow and bile lipid secretion in rats.
  1. K W Romanski,
  2. W J Bochenek


    Rats equipped with biliary, duodenal, and vena cava cannulae and supplemented with Na taurocholate received 4 hour infusions of gastrointestinal hormones. Boots secretin increased bile flow by 63% and bile acid, cholesterol, and phospholipid output by 75, 96, and 73% respectively. This stimulatory effect on bile flow and bile acid secretion was observed also in the four hour postinfusion period. Kabi secretin had practically no effect on bile secretion. Boots pancreozymin stimulated bile flow by 45% and to some extent also stimulated bile acid output. OP-CCK and glucagon stimulated mainly bile flow rate.

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