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Regulation of human gut B lymphocytes by T lymphocytes.
  1. R Clancy,
  2. A Cripps,
  3. H Chipchase


    The aims of this study were first, to assess whether or not immunoglobulin secretion from human gut mucosal B lymphocytes can be modified by T lymphocytes, and second whether human gut mucosal T lymphocytes are capable of regulating mucosal B lymphocyte function. T and B lymphocyte enriched cell populations were isolated from gut mucosa and co-cultured in varying proportions. Addition of T lymphocytes to B enriched mucosal cell populations (ratio B:T = 2:1) showed that mucosal B lymphocytes were responsive to T cell 'help'. Addition of more T cells (ratio B:T = 2:10) suppressed immunoglobulin synthesis.

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